Geriatric Foot Clinic


The elderly can develop certain foot conditions. Some of these conditions can leave individuals disabled and be suffering from a great deal of pain. We offer geriatric foot care to ensure that senior citizens live a normal life, free from pain and discomfort.

Foot Swelling for the Elderly

A lot of things come with age. One common problem among the elderly is the decrease in blood circulation in the lower portions of the body. Reduce circulation also comes with lower skin sensitivity in the affected area. Those two things can lead to the breakdown of skin and even infection.

The elderly can also have a harder time in trying to maintain proper foot care. Because they are less active and agile. They could have a difficult time trying to reach down to clean their feet. Some elderly people become dizzy and even experience shortness of breath when they try to bend down to reach their feet.

Proper foot care is also crucial to the elderly in the sense that they would need it in order to stay active. For those who value their independence, this is a serious matter. The question of staying free and active would hinge on the ability of an elderly person to properly care for their feet.

Importance of Elderly Foot Care

Caring and maintaining the feet properly can become harder as one gets older, but this is also the time when it becomes really crucial and it would also help an elderly person to maintain a regular day to day schedule.

We provide geriatric foot care and this service helps many elderly people to stay free of problems that could affect their feet and lower extremities. Here are some of the things that we can provide in connection with this service:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of foot pain
  • Diagnosis and treatment of foot swelling
  • Footwear assessment
  • Treatment of foot blisters
  • Treatment of foot ulcers

Foot pain can be caused by a lot of things. We are properly equipped so that we can determine the cause of that pain quickly. We can also treat blisters and ulcers which can potentially lead to more serious health issues.

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Seeking Help

If you are having a hard time in caring properly for your feet or if you are experiencing some pain and discomfort then you should get in touch with us right away. For Geriatric foot care in Jackson, TN, we can determine the cause of your problems quickly and recommend the right treatment for it.