Correcting foot problems with orthotics. Orthotics refer to the design, manufacture and the application of orthoses. An orthoses is a device that is applied externally in order to modify the skeletal and muscular system.

In the case of podiatry, an Orthotic is also the device that's used to correct problems in the lower extremity, usually in the feet. It is used in correcting fallen arches.


Podiatrist Orthotics For Your Foot Problems


Fallen arches and arch pain can sometimes be serious enough to warrant the need for orthotics. These are usually made in order to support the foot. It does that by redistributing the weight of the body so that it does not focus on one area of the foot and by realigning joints. These implants can also be used with orthopedic shoes.

These are different from shoe inserts that can be bought in stores. Orthotics are specifically custom-made for your foot, to help with your problem, and can't be used by others.

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We would only recommend the use of orthotics after we have completely evaluated your foot problem. We would make sure that it matches you and the way that you move. There are two kinds of orthotics:


  • Functional orthotics are those that are made for controlling abnormal motion. They are also useful for treating the pain caused by foot problem. These types of orthotics are ordinarily made from rigid materials like graphite or plastic.
  • Accommodative orthotics are the softer ones meant for cushioning and foot support. They are usually used for treating conditions that bring about a great deal of discomfort.


If you are suffering from tendinitis, bursitis foot ulcers caused by diabetes, foot pain and other issues with the lower extremities then the orthotics that we make should be able to help you. Clinical tests have proven that orthotics can provide relief from discomfort and improve function. We also have a long list of patients who can testify to the effectiveness of our orthotics.

The orthotics that we can make for you are custom made to meet your needs and are designed specifically to deal with your foot problem.

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Seeking the Help of a Podiatrist

If you are feeling some pain and discomfort with your feet then you should see us right away. It would be much easier to resolve an issue in the earlier stages than to wait when it could have potentially caused more damage. We offer geriatric foot care and other services for your foot problems. Get in touch with us now so we can assess if you would need some other kind of treatment or if you could benefit from the use of foot orthotics in Jackson, TN.